About us

Glasraí is a small-in-size, big-in-energy organic FARM in Hollymount, Co.Mayo. We started this farm in 2016 because we were desperate to find chemical free fresh vegetables to feed our family, and we wanted to make this available to people around us also. We are 100% AGAINST chemicals in our food system and 100% FOR healthy locally produced food. We LOVE food!


Joe was a carpenter for many years and got into growing vegetables when the boom started to slow down in his home made polytunnel. He did a course in Organic Horticulture in Mayo Abbey where he met me. He went on to become a gardener in the organic garden there and then a tutor on the Horticulture course. I studied Commerce and got interested in organic growing while gallivanting around the world WWOOFING (willing workers on organic farms) . When Joe’s course finished up he started building some REAL polytunnels from old mushroom houses. And suddenly the wheels were in motion….

NOW we are a team of 5-6 people on the farm. All completely passionate and utterly dedicated to growing awesome food on our healthy vibrant soils. We LOVE every minute, WORK incredibly hard, INNOVATE constantly over tea breaks.


Joe, the moral compass of the farm. Every decision goes through him for in-depth moral testing. Including how we treat the soil, our use of packaging, what produce we import, how our team operates, how we deal with weeds, pests etc.

He also was the one with the dream to make the farm happen.
( Every farm needs an idealist. As it happens we have more than enough of them!)

Dakota. Our superwoman. She can literally be planting lettuces at the speed of light with one hand, weeding cucumbers with the other hand AND harvesting kale with the other hand SOMEHOW! She packs the veggie boxes, sows the seeds, does most of the planting out and is our head pumpkin grower. She is a bit like the sun🌞 A giant ball of energy.

Damien. Is our irreplaceable multi-tool. He does delivery driving, Westport market, harvests the salads, and a lot of manure forking. He also makes us all more philosophical and thoughtful about our existence. He’s pretty amazing.

Ciaran, head of marketing. He’s the mouthpiece of Glasrai! He’s been doing the Castlebar Market with us since forever. Likes the craic but keeps a straight face. Also sometimes flexes his muscles around the farm. He LOVES spinach AND fencing. Hates photos. In his other life he goes to wild places and saves corncrakes. What a guy!

Aoife, the master of puppets. The functionality and ease of everything here at Glasrai is due to the silent work of Aoife behind the scenes. Whether it’s ordering seeds, contacting customers, managing the books or nourishing the farm team  Aoife creates the structure that allows the farm to function on a daily basis. 

We are also a social farm which means we offer the opportunity to vulnerable people to join in farm activities and experience.