About us

Glasraí is a small family small in Hollymount, Co.Mayo. We started this farm in 2016 because we could not find a source of chemical free fresh vegetables to feed ourselves, and we wanted to make this available to people around us also. We are against chemicals in our food system and for healthy locally produced food. Most importantly we just LOVE food!


Joe was a carpenter for many years and got into growing vegetables when the boom started to slow down in his home made polytunnel. He did a course in Organic Horticulture in Mayo Abbey where he met me. He went on to become a gardener in the organic garden there and then a tutor on the Horticulture course. I studied Commerce and got interested in organic growing while gallivanting around the world. When Joe’s course finished up he started building some REAL polytunnels from old mushroom houses. And suddenly the wheels were in motion….


We run a 3 acre farm now that supplies our year round markets. We are also a social farm which means we offer the opportunity to vulnerable people to join in farm activities and experience.