Our Farm

At our farm we do things a bit differently. Scientists reckon that soils in the UK have only 30 more years of fertility remaining. The way we farm is more about putting back into the soil and the environment than taking away fertility. Our farming methods are soil centred and environment centred.

We believe that to grow healthy plants that can resist pests and diseases that other farmers use chemicals to spray for you need to create a healthy balance in the soils and in the farm. That is why we not only grow food crops but also flowers for insects, create hedgerows for small animals, birds etc, and love to see a balance of life on the farm. We may loose some cabbages to caterpillar damage but at least we have birds, bees, ladybirds and all the microscopic animals that all play a role in soil healthy and environmental diversity.

We farm for future generations, not just for immediate pay.