Our Fantastic Wee Farm

Welcome to our farm page. Our farm is the wildest, most beautiful, most productive and most interesting place we could possibly create. Our aim is to create a farm that feeds our community that also doubles as a healthy ecosystem, sequestering Carbon dioxide whilst growing really healthy food. A farm that also is a place of ideas and passion where each decision we make has our planet at heart. We are certified organic.

Our farm is only 7 acres small. But so entirely productive we feed over 150 families per week, in addition to supplying restaurants and shops.

We believe that to grow healthy plants that can resist pests and diseases which other farmers use chemicals to spray for, you need to create a healthy balance in the soils and in the farm. So we don’t just grow human food we also grow flowers for insects, create hedgerows for small animals and birds, and also weeds for soil health and insect overwintering. We have ponds, trees, weeds, deep roots, shallow roots, native bees, wild areas, creating biodiversity above and below ground.

Naturally we would never dream of using chemicals on our food.

And we grow as wide a range of organic vegetables and fruit as we possibly can. Human health is as important to us as planetary health. We see the decline of our health over the past few decades with cancer rates, diabetes, autism spectrum disorders, depression, heart disease. All which is some way shape or form can be linked to our gut microbiome. We TOTALLY believe that we can alleviate so much of today’s health problems by ensuring our soils and plants are healthy, fulfilling our cellular needs to fight disease.